Tom, Esther, Gabbi, Tommy & David

Tom, Esther, Gabbi, Tommy & David

Tom, Esther with their two sons, Tommy and David, left Ometepe Island, Nicaragua in August 2012 to serve on staff with YWAM’s University of the Nations Kona, Hawaii campus. They managed a forty seven room guest hotel for campus speakers and visitors until August 2014. They subsequently moved two hours away to the “wet” side of the Big Island in Pahoa, no longer on staff with YWAM.

Volunteering with the many different non-profit organizations  has been rewarding as the active volcano’s lava continues to threaten the town of Pahoa. The churches were also preparing for all types of services meeting the needs of the locals once evacuations began.

Thier oldest Gabriella, 23,  visits Tom & Esther periodically, as she continues with YWAM missionary service. Their oldest son Tommy is saving his limited funds for an YWAM DTS school in Germany in the fall of 2015.

Tom & Esther left the Big Island for good in Spring 2015 to do some summer travels visiting family, friends, churches and partners.  In the fall 2015, they return to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, with their youngest son, David, after three and a half years absent!

We are on Face Book: islandbreezenicaragua or tomfritz

To contact us: sailfritz@gmail.com

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